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Newborn FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Newborn Baby Photography

Where is your photography business located?

My photography business is located in Cowichan Bay, BC. But I will travel to various Vancouver Island locations for photo shoots.


What is your photography style/approach when photographing babies?

This is the most common question I get and I actually find it hard to answer. In general, I’m a fairly calm and relaxed person and I try and bring that to every shoot. Babies are unpredictable and you never know what kind of a day they are going to have when you book the session. So even though my packages are for a certain amount of hours I find if you just plan on not having a limit on the time things go much easier. All babies get fussy and you just have to wait them out. Most newborns do the best if they get a really good feed right when I show up. In terms of my photographic style I take my time posing the babies using various props to create not only images you are going to love but images that are art that can be displayed on your walls for years to come.


Do you have a studio?

I have an in home studio for babies and younger children.


What kind of photography equipment do you use?

I have 2 digital SLR cameras with a variety of professional grade lenses and portable flash units.


Nowadays everyone has a digital camera why should I hire Taylored Photography to do a professional session?

It is true that everyone has a digital camera nowadays but just because someone has a digital camera doesn’t mean they have the knowledge to use the camera to produce the quality of images that I do. I have a diploma in professional photography and have a lot of experience photographing newborns and know how to deal with any situation, including very difficult low light situations. Your images will also be professionally edited to ensure they are perfect.


My baby can be fussy at times and I’m really worried the newborn photography session isn’t going to turn out well:

All babies are fussy and I hardly ever do a session where the baby has been happy the entire time. The key to getting great images is to wait out the fussy periods, remain calm and keep the baby nice and full. The best images of newborns usually happen when they are sleeping so you just have to be patient to accomplish this. Even though I say my packages are for a certain amount of time I always keep my schedule open when photographing babies to allow extra time if they are a bit fussy. Also the best time to photograph newborns is within 10 days of being born.


Some newborn photographers only give low resolution files or watermarked files given. Will my images be printable?

Yes you will receive a gallery link with downloadable high resolution images that you can take to any print lab. None of the images will be watermarked.


How much time do you spend on the images after the shoot?

I invest a lot of time into the post-production of all my sessions. I spend as much time as required to make the images perfect. If you are ordering a custom album, this can take and additional 20 or so hours.


What do you typically do to the images? And what if I want something specific done?

After I have selected the best images to be included in your gallery I go through and make sure everything is color corrected, I do any skin retouching necessary. I also remove any blemishes caused by baby acne. I also make a full set of images in B&W so you don’t ever have to wonder what an image is going to look like in B&W vs. color. When I am done editing a session each and every image looks its best but if there is something specific you want done to the images we can defiantly talk about this and see if it can be done. If it is something very extensive there may be an additional cost.


How long will it be before I see my images?

About a week after your session I will create a sneak peak of your photos on my blog. You will receive your edited package 3 weeks after your session.


Can I include you in our baby shower registry so quests can contribute towards the cost of our photography session?

Yes, absolutely. Your guests can contact me to purchase gift certificates towards your photography session. I will keep track of what has been purchased for your session and deduct it off of your final bill. Your guests will receive an actual gift certificate that they can include in a card for you if they wanted.


What are your newborn photography package prices?


All my pricing is located on my website under the investment page.


What is required to book you for photography session?

All I require for a photography session is a signed contract.


How do you take payment?

I accept cash, cheque made out to Laura Taylor, email money transfer through your online banking and credit card through paypal. I also have a credit card machine that I can use in person if you don’t want to pay by paypal but wish to use your credit card.


How do I get in touch with you?

You can drop me a line at info@tayloredphotography.com or you can use the contact section on my website or blog.